Should You Contact the Police?

The answer is yes but with caution. As we all know, the police are involved in ritual abuse too. They are the “security” at the rituals making sure no one comes in who shouldn’t be there. Multiple clients have witnessed to this fact. While not all police are bad, they tend to avoid certain topics and deny victims the right to even file a report. Their tactic is to refer you to another agency or mental health professional. They will use gaslighting to do this. Many clients have reported the unfair treatment they have received.

When you go to the police, here are some tips:

  • When you file a police report, you must do it in the jurisdiction where the crime took place. You may want to file with the county sheriff if multiple cities are included.
  • Please don’t go alone. Take someone with you who can advocate for you and be a witness.
  • Dress neatly and professionally. This makes a difference.
  • Be calm the entire time. Their lack of empathy and help will make you angry but don’t give into the emotion. Keep your cool and just keep saying, “I would like to report a crime, may I speak to a detective or officer?” Make an appointment if necessary. If they ask what kind of crime, say “sex trafficking.” If you say ritual abuse up front, they will shut you down. Again, stay calm at all times and don’t use profanity. Be respectful.
  • Fill out the police report completely using facts. List dates, locations, perpetrators and what happened. Be short and to the point but do include important details or evidence you may have. List anyone that may be able to corroborate your story. Also state any injuries you sustained.  Make sure you get the case number before you leave.
  • Ask for the name and number of the detective or officer. Ask for a business card.
  • Ask for a copy of the report you submit. Very important. Police can make reports disappear.
  • If they still refuse to let you report, take the name of the officer and then call us at 801-440-3954 for assistance.

How to Get Reparations

You will want to apply for VOCA reparations which can be done once you have a copy of the police report. VOCA stands for Victims of Crime Act. The government has set aside funds to pay for crime related expenses such as medical bills, counseling, etc. Usually there is a statute of limitations attached to these funds so be sure to report as soon as possible.

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