You are worthy. You are valuable.

Message to Survivors

Jesus would never ask any child to perform sexual acts or perpetrate evil on any other person. He would never ask a child to do anything yucky, illegal, painful, or humiliating. Christ’s’ love for you is deeper than any ocean and broader than the universe. As a victim, you were lied to and betrayed by parents, family members, people from the church, and even upstanding members of the community. You were used for the benefit of others. But the good news is that you can be restored and whole again. This won’t be easy or quick, but with God, all things are possible.

You are worthy. You are valuable and precious in the sight of God. When you were going through the abuse, Jesus was there with you. He was weeping for you. You may ask, “If Jesus is love and all-powerful, why did he let this happen to me?” Because we live in a fallen world where humanity has failed to do the right things throughout the centuries. In addition, because evil exists, mankind has been selfish and self-serving not surrendering themselves to Jesus Christ as they ought to. As a result, evil perpetuates against the innocent. Some day Jesus, the real Jesus, will make it right. He will provide justice and he will destroy the people who hurt you. And if you put your faith and trust in him, you will spend eternity with Jesus in heaven completely restored, in a new body, free from depression, anxiety, pain, sorrow, and trauma.

In the meantime, your purpose in this life is to be good to yourself, seek healing, and be a light for others. You can speak for those who can’t. You can comfort one another and leave a legacy for your children. YOU ARE STRONG AND YOU ARE RESILIENT.

We Are Here to Help

We are victim advocates who believe that ritual abuse exists and we are here to listen and offer support. Click below to be taken to our Client Intake Form. We will contact you to discuss your case confidentially.

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