Support for Survivors of Sex Trafficking & Ritual Abuse

We provide advocacy and support to find healing and wholeness.

You are not Alone


We believe that every survivor is valuable and worthy of love, respect and support.


We believe that survivors, when linked together, can become a powerful force for change.


We believe survivors are not defined by their abuse.


We believe every survivor’s story until proven otherwise, not the other way around.

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What is Ritual Abuse?

Ritual abuse usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture, rape, beastiality, sacrifice and cannibalism. The sexual abuse is usually painful, sadistic and humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual indoctrination. In ritual abuse, the victim is subjected to rituals or ceremonies dedicated to an entity usually Satan or Lucifer. The term “god” may be used as well.

Ritual abuse includes sex trafficking, but sex trafficking does not necessarily include ritual abuse. Other forms of abuse are also not considered ritual abuse such as isolated child molestation, domestic violence, or mental and verbal abuse. Ritual abuse usually occurs in a communal setting though it can be limited to family members. Many ritual abuse victims experience ritual abuse abroad and sexual and physical abuse at home.

Government Stats Are Not Accurate

The government statistics that are reported regarding sex trafficking by state are grossly inaccurate because they don’t include those individuals who have been ritually abused.  That’s because the numbers reported by the FBI are based on an antiquated definition of sex trafficking.  They only consider those kids who were transported elsewhere and abused by strangers or unrelated perpetrators.  They don’t consider those kids who were abused in their own homes, a neighbor’s home, or place of worship where the child may be missing for just a few hours and then returned. The vast majority of the time in ritual abuse cases, the parents knew where their child was but they didn’t report them missing.

Help Is Here

Relentless Hope, along with our partnering agencies and prayer support, offers hope and healing for victims of ritual abuse. We understand you need support, that’s why Relentless Hope was created.

What we provide:

  • Free advocacy services
  • Legal assistance (not guaranteed)
  • Referrals to safe counselors and life coaches
  • Assistance with support services

Call 385-246-2993

Our business hours are M – F from 9am to 5pm MST.

We are not a crisis line nor do we assist in finding emergency shelter. If you need immediate assistance, call 888-373-7888 for the National Human Trafficking Hotline. 

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