How to Know If You Have Been Ritually Abused

Many people ask me, how do I know if I or loved ones have been ritually abused? That’s an excellent question and we’ll dive into it now. You may ask, “How could someone not know they were ritually abused?” Well, there are a few explanations. Since their abuse happened when they were children, memories have been repressed by drugs, hypnosis, or their trauma response but this isn’t permanent. A rare few of my clients remember all of it from day one. For some reason their brain is wired to efficiently handle the trauma. When this happens it is often a result of MKUltra programming. Most survivors don’t remember their abuse until they are in their 30s or 40s; some sooner and some later in life. Repressing memories is a protective mechanism due to extreme trauma. Repressed memories can be a result of a natural response or a manufactured response in the brain and nervous system. The reasons why are as follow:

  • The survivor was given drugs during the rituals to repress the memories.
  • The survivor dissociated (DID) during the ritual and a part or alter was created to carry the memory. The core is not aware of the abuse.
  • The survivor chose to not recall their memories. They know something bad happened but they don’t want to deal with it.
  • They are still being abused and the body can’t heal and recall until they are in a safe place.

In most rituals, the child is given a drug prior to the abuse. This can be in the form of a liquid, powder, pill or by injection. Some survivors have recalled drinking a punch flavored drink. Some where given food with something on it or in it. And some were given an injection or IV which was most feared. A survivor told me he suspected he was given ketamine and morphine or otherwise known by the street name, “Special K”. Another survivor said she was given LSD. I’m sure by now they have more advanced drugs. The purpose of the drug is to make the kids compliant, quiet, docile or to forget what happened. Make no mistake, whoever is involved in RA is also trafficking drugs. They go hand in hand. Am I suggesting that church members are trafficking those drugs? Yes, yes I am.

If you have a well planned ritual there are doctors and nurses present to monitor the drugs. They will determine, based on body weight, the right amount to dispense. In addition, the kids have been used as guinea pigs to test new drugs. Yes, the pharmaceutical industry is involved in these test experiments. Dr. Mengele (Dr. Green) would be proud. Do you see how deep this is going? There is more.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), otherwise known as multiple personality disorder in years past, is a result of extreme trauma. When anyone is confronted with life threatening situation and their psyche can’t handle it, they will sometime have an out of body experience, zone out, lose time, etc. Each time the survivor is tortured to the point of dissociation, a new alter (or part) is created. The part is created at the same age the victim was at the moment of the abuse. So if the child was age 9 at the time the part was created, that part will forever remain that age, however some do age. Parts are also created as either male or female. I don’t have an explanation for this. I can only guess that genders are determined by the person who may have abused the child or the gender of the demon that was attached to the part/alter.

Demons are real. Satan is real. They are the source of all evil and we certainly know that evil exists as we have all seen it in wars, famine, murder and rape. The Bible is pretty clear how Satan was created and then kicked out of heaven due to rebellion. Heaven and hell are real. My family members have seen demons in the physical and I personally have witnessed paranormal activity. Sometimes demons will be attached to a part or alter. The demon is there to control the primary alter but also cause chaos with the other alters. These demons will manifest in the body by causing physical and psychological problems such as depression, suicidal ideology, cutting, headaches, painful joints, IBS, fatigue and a host of other issues. For a complete list, I recommend the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

So what do we do about demons attached to alters? We cast them out. We’re not talking about an exorcism like the Catholic Church is known for. But deliverance prayer is when you pray over the survivor in the name of Jesus and command the demon to leave their body. As Christians, we have the authority to cast out demons. Jesus and his disciples did this in ancient Israel during his time on earth. Jesus cast out a bunch of demons, known as Legion, into a herd of pigs (Matthew 8:28-34).

Demons are stubborn, and it sometimes takes many attempts to get them all out. What you see on TV of pastors screaming and yelling at demons is not accurate of how it is typically done. In deliverance prayer, we simply and calmly tell the demons to leave. We bind them up and tell them they can never come back. Once all the demons are dealt with, then we start the process of integrating the alters back into the core person. Integration is the ultimate goal which makes the person whole again. After this, we often see a resolution of the physical and psychological issues. A peace will come over the survivor. At this point, counseling will be more effective and healing will come much faster. The survivor must submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ or the deliverance won’t work.

Which leads me to my next point. Many survivors have been raped by a man dressed as Jesus during rituals. The purpose of this is to break them of any hope of rescue or salvation. The survivor learns to not trust in the real Jesus and instead becomes loyal to Satan. During these rituals, another man dressed as Lucifer will “come save” the victim and tell them that he is the real god and that he will never fail them like the “Dirty Nazarene.” This is the ultimate PsyOp.

Below is my list of symptoms to identify RA in a survivor:

  • You can’t sleep at night
  • You have nightmares or night terrors of being attacked by entities or people
  • You are highly anxious and can’t concentrate or you are depressed
  • You have problems functioning at work or school
  • You have flashbacks
  • You have problems with relationships, especially with your spouse and immediate family members
  • You don’t trust people
  • You feel fractured and know you have other parts in your psyche (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
  • You feel isolated
  • You may or may not recall memories of the abuse
  • You are triggered by dates, holidays, songs, places or people
  • You are triggered by the use of certain words, codes, phrases
  • You feel paranoid around people; perhaps they will recognize you
  • Sex is not pleasurable or you may be hyper-sexual
  • You frequently feel suicidal or have tried to commit suicide
  • You use drugs to cope
  • You may have scars on your body you can’t explain including burn marks, needle marks, etc.
  • ​You have symbols branded or carved onto your skin
  • You may have a sexually transmitted disease
  • You have a medical history of having broken bones, urinary tract infections, bowel disorders, or vagina and anal issues
  • You have evidence of genital mutilation
  • You have been diagnosed with bipolar, DID, personality disorder, or Schizophrenia. You may have been sent to a psych hospital for evaluation.
  • You feel deep down inside something is wrong

If you feel you have multiple symptoms, please reach out for help. I recommend you go to Relentless Hope at They are a team of safe, trained experts who understand RA. Relentless Hope is located in Salt Lake City and have resources to help survivors heal.

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