Corey’s Story

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Corey was only 17 when he told his story. He had only been out for 3 years so the memories were still fresh in his mind. His father was his trafficker and took him many places in the mountain west to be used. It’s hard enough having to attend the ceremonies and endure the punishment, but it was even harder to go home with a father who was the lead Satanist in the group. He couldn’t sleep at night, he was anxious, and understandably paranoid.

Corey was being groomed to take over when his father stepped down. He was gang raped, tortured, experimented upon, and forced to watch while his father killed children in the most brutal of ways. He was taken all over California to participate in rituals including caves, LDS meeting houses, corporate buildings, theaters and private homes. The video camera was always on filming the activities that took place. Of course Corey knew these videos would be posted on the dark web for creepy perps to watch in the safety of their basements after their wife and children had gone to bed. This is what caused his paranoia. He was always concerned that some man would recognize him out in the public.

Corey wore clothes to hide his scars which were all over his body, so even in the heat of summer he would wear hoodies and long pants. When he turned 18, he was planning to cover some of them with tattoos. Corey was exceptionally smart, so if he had decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, he would have been most ingenious and particularly cruel. But Corey had one thing he would have to overcome — he loved children. So much so that he would risk his own life to visit those who were kept in cages. Corey would go to a warehouse in southern California where children were kept hidden away. Dozens of kids were left naked and cold on the concrete floor surrounded by large, steel bars meant for animals. The children ranged in age from 11 months to 12 years old. What happened after that, Corey didn’t know. He would bring them snacks to eat and tried to make as many friends as he could. When asked how the children had gotten there, Corey guessed that they were a result of ritual rapes or prophet sperm insemination.

When Corey turned 14, he was finally able to tell a judge that he didn’t want to stay with his father anymore. The custody chain was broken and he was finally free. Now that Corey is out of his dad’s life and safe with his new family, he is attending college and will work with children as a teacher or social worker. He is currently getting counseling and receiving the help he needs making new, supportive friends along the way. ​[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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