The Satanic Panic Lie

This is one of the biggest lies known to exist. It’s the satanic panic theory which was made up by perpetrators, psychologists, those in denial, and law enforcement to explain away ritual abuse. This theory has hurt countless survivors. Not only is it a gaslighting tactic but it’s so much easier to do crowd control when you describe survivor experiences as imaginary. Another excuse used by professionals is false memories. The American Psychological Association never ratified false memories.  In fact the organization that began the false memory theory were in fact pedophiles who wanted to discredit the victims’ claims.

The vast majority of the survivors I have worked with are recalling real memories, it’s just that the general public can’t handle it.

I can debunk the satanic panic right now. I speak to dozens of victims from all over the country who don’t know each other and they have all reported the same types of abuse, same torture methods, the same timeframe, same words, same methods and same places over and over again. These are not false memories. The human mind can’t conceive these kinds of memories on their own unless they have experienced it for themselves, especially children. A child doesn’t know what skinning alive is. They don’t know what sodomy with a beer bottle is like. And they certainly don’t know how to give a blow job. Tell me what 8 year old can claim having sex with a dog? Yet this is what happens. And adults force them to do this and unfortunately most parents are involved or are aware of it whether you believe it or not. I’d say 90% of my clients tell me their parents knew and didn’t do anything about it.

Why would media, police and therapists not want to expose this? For many reasons including they don’t want to deal with it, they don’t want to believe it’s true, they don’t want to alarm the public and because quite frankly, some professors, therapists and counselors, especially in Utah, are involved in ritual abuse. Now before you start calling me a liar or crazy, let me elaborate. Many university professors are involved in secret societies. These secret societies are very active in ritual abuse. Professors will write books about false memories and psychological disorders to control the narrative. We also know that professors have a lot of influence over young minds. There has been many reported cases of ritual abuse going on at the local universities by professors case in point.

Secondly, police officers have a reason to discredit survivors because their jobs are at stake. I can’t tell you how many times survivors has told me that police were present at the ceremonies. They are there to provide security and to partake in the activities. Need I mention that many police officers are Freemasons and join other fraternal organizations? Police also have a very strong brotherhood and they protect their own. Many times survivors have tried to file a police report about their abuse but were turned away. And there seems to be a concerted effort by police departments around the Salt Lake Valley to deny victim rights. How do I know? Because they use the same exact wording and tactics to discourage survivors from coming forward. I’ve heard problems within the area police department over the years. But before you go out with pitchforks, I know there are many good police officers, so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  Remember, I report you decide.

Can you imagine the public outcry if people knew ritual abuse was going on all around us, every day, in our churches, schools, law enforcement and media? So yes, there is a reason to keep this topic under wraps. Fear has a powerful agenda.

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