Providing A Victim Statement May Be The Best Way To Get Justice

Victim Statement

If you are interested in providing a victim statement to be reviewed by Relentless Hope and lawyers for consideration in a case on your behalf, please follow the instructions below. This is completely up to you. There is no pressure to do this, but it may be the best way to get justice.  ALL YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

STEP 1 — Create a Chronological Crime Document

Using Word or Google Docs, provide detailed information about your abuse starting from birth to adult. This may take several pages. The more detail you include, the stronger your case will be. Take breaks as necessary as this will be a difficult process. Create a new paragraph for each instance of abuse. Include the following:

  • Date
    Please include the year or age (note if it was a special holiday or month).
  • Location
    Where were you? List the building name or address.
  • Who Was Present?
    List all the people you can remember who were there and their title/profession if known. Also note if there were other children present and how many. Include names if known.
  • What Happened to You?
    Be specific what was done to you and by whom. Create a new paragraph for each instance of abuse.
  • Did You Report It?
    Please state if you reported this to police, your bishop, teacher or parents and what were the results. Include the date of reporting.

When finished save your work and store it in a save place. Make a back up copy too. Then attach your file below.

STEP 2 — Fill Out the Form & Attach Your Document

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