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As you know I am a certified victim advocate and have spoken to dozens and dozens of SRA survivors. I have been doing this for 5 years. Their stories inspire me to do something about this depravity. Though we may never see any of these perpetrators spend time in prison, we can at least expose them for who they are so that the good people in the LDS Church will kick them or vote them out of their leadership roles. Just because a person is a member of a church doesn’t make them a good choice for office. Character is the number one indicator of trustworthiness.

As I have discussed before, politicians in Utah (and elsewhere) are involved in SRA. More than you would care to know. How do you think they got to their positions of power? I’m not saying that all politicians are pedophiles, but I am saying that Satan gives power to his followers through the rituals and other activities that these people conduct. Voter fraud is a real problem, even in Utah. In 2007 I was in a caucus that met in an elementary school in Herriman. The caucus leader informed us that a democrat primary candidate failed to clinch his seat but it was close. The caucus leader told us that there were only 2000 registered voters in this small Utah region down south. Of that those predominantly republican voters, the democrat candidate achieved 45% of the votes. They knew something was amiss because there were more ballots than registered voters. What I’m trying to say is that the powers that be choose the candidates and the ultimate winners in elections.

Did you know that when an important new proposed law goes before the house and senate in the state of Utah, the powers that be will also vote and determine the outcome of the bill? That vote is handed down to the governor as a directive of his final decision. Is it any wonder that Governor Herbert passed bill SB102? Who in their right mind thinks that decriminalizing polygamy (bigamy) is a good idea? No, the polygamy communities are neck deep in fraud and abuse. And these groups influence our representatives at the highest levels through donations and favors.

Regarding SB102:

“Sen. Deidre Henderson, R-Spanish Fork, argued that to help people feel free to report abuses within the closed polygamous societies, they ought to reduce the penalty for bigamy among consenting adults. The bill was debated among current and former members of the polygamous groups who questioned if the change in approach would work.

Polygamists lobbied for the bill with legislators, who largely said they believed integrating plural families into society would lead to positive changes. Anti-polygamy activists have said the bill will not change, and fear it will embolden leaders to perpetuate abuses.” (Click here to read the full Fox 13 article)

I was personally at the capitol when the vote took place. I was in the room and watched the theater unfold in front of me. It was shameful. We knew before we left the capitol what the outcome would be because the Governor’s assistant told us so.

Listen up. God did not ordain plural marriage in the bible. He allowed it to happen because that is what men wanted. God defined marriage in Genesis 2 as between one man and one woman. God never changed his mind on this matter. Why? Because he knows the kind of problems that arise from bigamy/polygamy. I know this by first hand experience. The amount of physical and sexual abuse is over 60% in polygamy communities. Is there any explanation why leaders in these polygamy groups keep getting arrested for fraud and sex crimes? (Warren Jeffs, Sam Bateman, John Paul Kingston, Tom Green) Ok, let’s move on.

I know that politicians are involved because the survivors told me who was in attendance at rituals and sex meetups with kids. I bet some of you even know of a few yourself. Everything from Utah Senators to city councilmen. Trust your gut. If you feel something “is wrong,” then go with that. And let’s not think that politicians from other states are not involved as well. US Presidents have partaken in the abuse. Diplomats from other countries have traveled to Utah for the entertainment.

What I’m trying to say is that SRA is pervasive in Utah. You need to bring this subject up with your family and friends for discussions because I’m telling you now that what is kept hidden will be shouted from the rooftops as more information will be revealed but not by me necessarily. My advice for LDS members is to get yourself acquainted with what is going on because you will have to deal with it eventually. What I’m hoping is that the good people in the LDS Church will rise up and demand change.

My LDS friends have told me that they want to know the truth and they will not tolerate the abuse any longer. An army is growing. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Choose this day who you will serve. Will you remain faithful to an “institution” and it’s leaders? Or will you stand for what is on Christ’s agenda which is to save children and expose evil? These questions should be on the mind of every Christian in America, not just the LDS Church, because this is happening nationwide. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but Satan has infiltrated our churches.

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