Attacks on Our Organization

As many of you know, Relentless Hope is a nonprofit, Christian organization.  We all are volunteers.  We work tirelessly to help survivors of ritual abuse.  We do so to please God and to serve victims of this horrible abuse.  As such we can expect to receive demonically inspired attacks.  We have a prayer team who lifts us up in prayer for protection, however, the fight has been ratcheted up lately.  That is because we are making progress in the fight for survivor justice and freedom.  We are asking our supporters to pray for us as well.  We understand that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness” according to Ephesians 6:12.  The primary source of attacks on our organization is through social media.

Let me share something with you.  We are fighting Satan himself.  In return some of our clients have spread lies about us.  They are angry because we wouldn’t put up with the abuse they dished out.   Let’s make this clear: We will not tolerate being called names, accused of working on the side of evil, called liars, or harassed.   We have had to let go of clients who abuse us because we said no to them.   We said we can’t help their situation because the truth is that many survivors are mentally ill.  They need more care than we can provide and we are not equipped to handle mental illness.  We will refer clients out to other organizations who can help them.  There is only so much our tiny organization can do.  We focus on encouraging survivors, providing resources, providing legal counsel and advocating for their rights.  We are not counselors.  We have never been and we have never claimed to be licensed counselors.  Ever.

We are doing the best we can with our limited resources.  Most of our clients are a pleasure to work with.  It’s a few angry clients that get all the attention.  In fact, some of these survivors are perpetrators themselves, narcissists, and unreasonable.  We can’t and won’t work with toxic individuals who refuse to get help and refuse our advice.  Just like a drug addict, some people don’t want to get well.  They prefer to remain in their unhealthy state because it benefits them.  This is an unfortunate situation in all walks of life, not just in ritual abuse.

We work with amazing survivors. These individuals are brave, resilient, and kind.  They want to be heard and believed.  Is that too much to ask?  We don’t think so.  Please consider a donation to Relentless Hope.  We now have over 100 ritual abuse clients and counting who receive services from us.  We need your help.  Thank you.

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